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Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions...

What happened to Red Dog Beads?
Red Dog Beads is now Red Dog Crystals & Gems!

Are you located in Nashville, TN?
No. We are no longer in Nashville. We have relocated to
the Alabama/Florida Gulf Coast Area.

Do you still have a store?
No. We only sell Online & at local and regional festivals. 
Our event schedule is on our website homepage.

​Do you still sell beads and can I buy the same things I used to buy from you?  
We no longer sell All the Items We Carried in The Store But We Do Sell Kits &The 
 rough and polished gemstones, fossils and the handcrafted rings and components
 that we make.

Do you sell online?
Yes, We Do Sell Some Items Online. 

What types of payment do you accept at Festivals?
*We accept Paypal Payments.

Do you charge Sales Tax?
Yes. Depending on your location, Paypal will collect the Appropriate
Sales Tax For Your Area.

How can I contact you?
Just click on the "EMAIL ME" button located on 
each page of this website!

Pearl Darby at Hogsmeade
Wire wrapped pendants
* Please NOTE, We are not on facebook...If you were directed to this website from a "RED DOG BEADS" facebook page, it was an unofficial and unauthorized facebook page that does not belong to us.